Review of Auto Writer Doug DeMuro’s Books

If you are into cars, you may have read an article or seen a video from Doug DeMuro, such as the video he made of him crushing a PT Cruiser with a Hummer or the one where he attempts to show how much attention he gets from girls with his Ferrari.  As a writer for Auto and previously Jalopnik, as well as creator of YouTube videos for his own channel, Doug DeMuro has some very interesting and entertaining content.  And if you like his stuff online you will definitely like his two books.

The first book he wrote, Plays With Cars, was self published in 2013 and details a bunch of his most entertaining car related stories – including the story of how he got most of his over 20 cars.  For instance, he writes about how he bought a  Lotus from a you man in California and proceceded to drive it accross the country with no air conditioning or how he bought his Mercedes E65 AMG wagon and proceeded to  beat all kinds of cars at the drag strip with it.  It is a very entertaining book that I thoroughly enjoyed.  So much so that I actually read the entire book within 24 hours of getting it.  Yes I read the entire thing in one night.

Doug’s second book is called Bumper to Bumper – a reference to the fact that he loves bumper to bumper warranties such as the one he got with his used Range Rover that paid for itself many times over.  This book is pretty much the same as his other one but with even more stories of his car adventures and mishaps.  Chronicled in this book are the time he wrecked his brand new Porsche 911 into a tree in the road, how he learned to drive stick in a new Ferrari, and even the thrilling story about how he was once on a plane that was delayed for a few hours because it got stuck in a pot hole.

So if you are a fan of Doug’s or if you are into cars and want to hear some interesting stories about one man’s dealings with buying, selling, and driving used cars, Doug DuMuro’s two books are worth checking out!


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